Rebel Snail Hard Saddlebag Lids – new custom design almost ready

Dear All,

The forms for our NEW REBEL SNAIL HARD SADDLEBAG LIDS are almost ready. We’ll share the first photos of our new handmade production line soon.

The forms with our custom  saddlebag lid designs will be ready this coming week.

The lids will fit Harley Touring Models for 1993-2013 and 2014.

Any ideas of the first custom designs? Make a guess!


Until then, let’s remember that the Plain  versions of Hard Saddlebag Lids for 1993-2013 and 2014 are already on stock. – pictures enclosed.

dekle 93 z logo (2) (Copy)     1993-2013

dekle 93 z logo (1) (Copy)     2014


100% handmade and 100% hand-laid fiberglass

For more items, please proceed to PRODUCTS section.

Contact us, double check the shipping price telling us your zip code, shipping of single units is also available

Thank You

Rebel Snail

We Love This! 

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